TCAE Chainalysis Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certification (CCFC) Study Group

Program Overview

The TCAE Chainalysis Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certification (CCFC) Study Group provides participants with a fundamental understanding of cryptocurrency technology, insight into key stakeholders, and illuminates the use cases, and functions of cryptocurrency relative to the traditional financial system.

The course engages learners using a mix of practical exercises, group discussion and case studies developed by Chainalysis experts. The training is provided through small virtual classroom settings over a span of 5 weeks.

The TCAE CCFC Study Group will be facilitated by current industry professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain investigations at the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

This program will allow participants to learn the material and implement the knowledge in a series of assignments and case studies. There will also be group calls to clarify any of the more technical material, a resource guide for self-study and exam prep.



The purpose of this study group is to form a community in order to:

  • Facilitate an accessible but in-depth introduction to cryptocurrency and blockchain investigations
  • Understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency technology as it intersects with AML, Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management
  • Discover the principles of Blockchain data analysis and understand major cryptocurrency stakeholders in the ecosystem

Who is it for? 

Join this program if you are:

  • Looking to add blockchain and cryptocurrency understanding to your traditional Compliance and AML competencies 
  • Preparing for a fulfilling Financial Crime Compliance career in a cryptocurrency, blockchain or FinTech firm
  • Struggling to remain motivated when studying on your own and/or looking for accountability partners

Program Detail

5 weeks sessions including:

  • 4 weekly group sessions (4 hours each) learning the material, working on group assignments, reviewing highlights of what’s important for the exam and complete practice questions
  • 1 proctored exam - a mentor will be available to assist with your needs during the exam

1 Bonus session to provide career advice on cryptocurrency job search.


  • Meet new peers from around the world and extend your professional network.
  • Fun and educational assignments that allow you to remember and utilize the knowledge you learn to be implemented in your career.
  • Access to a user-friendly communication platform to share and interact with each other.
  • Access to industry professionals to answer any questions you may have.
  • Guide on study tips, exam insights and career advice.
  • Internationally recognized Certificate from Chainalysis (a Blockchain Analytics Company used by institutions, governments and regulators worldwide.
  • Recognize the value and context of cryptocurrency relative to the traditional financial system.

Learning Objectives 

  • Understand the principles of blockchain technology enabling cryptocurrencies.
  • Learn how Bitcoin functions, and how alternative cryptocurrencies differ.
  • Identify key industry actors, cryptocurrency applications, and regulatory developments.
  • Understand how blockchain analysis can enable effective risk management and how transaction monitoring is conducted.
  • Expand AML / Compliance competencies in the area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. 


  • An eagerness to learn about cryptocurrency!

Certification Requirement 

  • Active participation in small group discussion exercises. 
  • 75% required to pass the exam
  • 1 hours and 45 min exam
  • 80 multiple-choice questions


  • Introduction to Bitcoin
  • Wallets, Keys, Addresses
  • Bitcoin Mining and Transactions
  • Block Explorers
  • Alternative Coins (Altcoins)
  • Industry Typologies / Use Cases
  • Cryptocurrency and Risk Scoring
  • Blockchain Data Analysis
  • Regulations and Guidance
  • Blockchain Investigations
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Compliance / Risk Assessments


Session Date  Time

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Recap, Q&A & Exam

Sat June 5th 2021

Sat June 12th 2021

Sat June 19th 2021

Sat June 26th 2021

Sat July 3rd 2021

10:00 am -2:00pm ET

10:00 am -2:00pm ET

 10:00 am -2:00pm ET

10:00 am -2:00pm ET

10:00 am -2:00pm ET 


TCAE CCFC Study Group Fee

 General Admission : CAD 1,199 (Excluding Registration Fee & Tax)



Why TCAE CCFC Study Group?

Simply because we care about your success!

We have designed a program where you will be supported by a group of dedicated and talented mentors in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Financial Crime Compliance. Our mentors will share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you. You are welcome to ask all your questions, voice your concerns and challenges and they will guide you towards your success.

Above all, we will connect you to many other Financial Crime Compliance enthusiasts around the world who have the same vision as you! We have created a friendly environment that helps you be successful in your exam, and more importantly, in building your career.


Important Disclaimer:

Please note that we are an Official Training Partner of Chainalysis. The CCFC material will be provided by Chainalysis. The assignments, the practice questions and other resources will be provided by TCAE in order to supplement the CCFC Material. The exam will be administered via the Chainalysis Academy portal and not directly by TCAE.

Exam success depends on each candidate’s effort towards understanding the study material and the study group is not guaranteeing any success measure