Chainalysis Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certification (CCFC)

Chainalysis Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certification (CCFC)

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The Chainalysis Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certification (CCFC) provides participants with a fundamental understanding of cryptocurrency technology, blockchain transactions and the financial crime implications of this cutting-edge technology.

The course engages learners using a mix of practical exercises, group discussions and case studies developed by Chainalysis experts. The training is provided through small virtual classroom settings over a span of 5 sessions (16+ hours), which will include exam preparation and access to the instructors.

The CCFC will be facilitated by current industry professionals who have extensive cryptocurrency knowledge with over 7 years of combined experience in cryptocurrency compliance and blockchain investigations at the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

This course is for professionals who want to get a deep understanding of the technical and practical side of cryptocurrency and blockchain and who wish to expand their knowledge and skillsets around cryptocurrency and the blockchain, in order to facilitate their professional growth and expand career opportunities.

The course fee covers:

  • 16+ hours of Instructor Lead Virtual Training sessions
  • Reference Guide from Chainalysis
  • Comprehensive Resource Guide from TCAE
  • Mock Test from TCAE
  • Access to Future Career / Specialty Sessions
  • CCFC Examination
  • CCFC Certificate (upon successful completion of the exam)


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