Chainalysis Ethereum Investigations Certification

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CCFC (Fundamentals)

The Chainalysis Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certificate (CCFC) will be delivered by TCAE, the Chainalysis authorized Gold Training Partner.

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CRC (Advanced Certification)

The Chainalysis Reactor Certification (CRC) will be delivered by TCAE, the Chainalysis authorized Gold Training Partner.

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CCFC + CRC (Bundle Package)

Exclusive package includes both the CCFC and CRC to be delivered by by TCAE, the Chainalysis authorized Gold Training Partner.

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If it wasn’t for this training, I wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation on cryptoassets and investigations. Both Mel and Stephen have instilled confidence in me to go out there and take the jobs I could only have dreamt of in the past. The training has prepared to do a full-fledged blockchain forensic investigation from discovery to escalation (to law enforcement). This hands-on training not only demonstrated the best use case of Chainalysis but also gave me plenty of opportunities to execute my own investigations. This was the best way to deep dive into crypto investigations, thanks in no small part to the instructors and the TCAE team for designing this course with so many interactive exercises, quizzes, witty banter and phenomenal visuals.

Jinisha B.

The CCFC training program offered by the TCAE combines industry leading knowledge, presented by extremely knowledgeable industry experts culminating in a learning experience like no other. The active and engaging teaching style utilized by the trainers ensures each participant is left with a comprehensive understanding of the material and industry application! Highly recommend you opt in to this amazing opportunity to learn from the best!

Nelu Sund

I really appreciate the Chainalysis course, it was fantastic, dynamic, ultra motivating and challenging 🙏

A Big Thanks to Stephen And Melanie for all of the following :
Great tips, Great content, Excellent support, also for sharing their knowledge and especially for giving us confidence and perspectives.

I am very happy to be part of the TCAE community that promotes great professional values

Saci Dalila

The training program was amazing. The instructors were very knowledgeable and classmates were so enthusiastic. I strongly recommend this program to everyone not only for knowledge gaining purposes but also for motivations!


An outstanding well-paced course for anyone who wants to get their hands on first hand knowledge of crypto.

The program was fun loving, and with the students batch from all over the 🌎 just shows how diverse the program wants to be. Really happy I opted for the course, looking forward to more wonderful experiences.

Maryam Salahuddin

I would like to express my deep gratitude for our knowledgeable and inspiring trainers; Stephen, Melanie, and our dear colleague ; Nahid for the tremendous effort and dedication.
It was such an informative course, that I personally believe was crucial for my professional development. The course granted us an amazing opportunity to meet the pioneers in the field and literally learn from the best!
You played a pivotal role in our success, and your efforts are well-appreciated. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise, simplifying the complex information and above all uplifting our spirits and motivating us.

Ahmed Ammar

Eye-opening training on a subject thats the need of the hour. I enjoyed the program delivery and am extremely proud to have achieved a 95% score on the exam its a testament to excellent instructors and excellent coordination by TCAE. I look forward to my next Chainalysis course.

Vanessa Pinto

The training and information provided in the CCFC course was A LOT!!! But that isn't bad, it's GOOD!

So much information was provided and we learned so much more than I expected. The format was very laid back and not rushed. It was like sitting around the lunch room, chatting with your friends that were telling you about this new wonderful thing they have learned. We were encouraged to ask questions and we were never made to feel like our questions were silly or dumb.

Carol Stewart


TCAE really does know how to execute the best trainings! They have partnered with the best certification program out there and brought together the best training team.
The CRC particularly was a big highlight for me. I was initially hesitant to sign up for it, but I am so glad I did! The CRC is a very practical and hands on training, and allows for discussions that are based on real scenarios. Those discussions are very valuable, as they clear your concepts and help gain a deeper understanding of the industry and its typologies. Definitely something you cannot Google and master. Here is also where the trainers played a big role by sharing their expertise. The CRC blew me away, and not just that, it gave me a competitive edge and landed me my first crypto job. And through it all, I received so much support and guidance from the trainers and the TCAE team.

Nandita Merchant

The CRC 2.5 days bootcamp was one of my best learning experiences with TCAE. The course trainers were well acquiesced with the subject matter, they both had the industry experience which helped meet and exceed my training needs. The bootcamp was very interactive with practical course delivery that allowed me practice first hand with the investigation tool; my knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain investigations definitely expanded after taking the CRC course. It was 2.5 days well worth it and I recommend the CRC certification to all compliance professionals who want to gain an understanding of blockchain investigations and deepen their knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

Chioma Unah

The Reactor Certification program went well beyond my expectations. Not only was the content amazing, but the training staff did an incredible job of explaining things as well as answering all of the questions our class had. Everything was produced in an organized and easy to understand delivery method. Compared to other courses, a students ability to deep dive hands on with crypto transactions definitely made this course stand apart from others offered today. I can testify that this bootcamp more than prepared me for future roles in crypto investigations and intelligence. You will feel like a seasoned pro after taking it.

Sean Heide